Meeting of shareholders

The meeting of shareholders is the supreme authority of the Company.

It makes decisions about the approval of transactions, splitting and reverse splitting of shares, payment of dividends, determines the order of the meeting of shareholders, approves annual reports and internal documents regulating the activity of the Company, elects the members of the Board of Directors of the Returning Board and the Audit Committee, makes alterations and additions in the Articles of the Company. The competence of the meeting of shareholders includes the election of the executive authority of the Company and its early termination.

Thus, the meeting of shareholders has the leading role in the management structure of the Company. 

In its work, the General Meeting of shareholders observes the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Articles of the OJSC «IPP».


Flow capacity as of 01.03.2020

ser. No. Type of cargo Design flow capacity
thousand tons per month
Actual flow capacity considering the current cargo nomenclature
 thousand tons per month
Actual flow capacity for agreements concluded
thousand tons per month
flow capacity
thousand tons per month
Proforma agreement
 in WORD format**
1 Diesel fuel _* 300 275 25 Agreement 1
Agreement 2
Agreement 3
2 Fuel-oil residue (bunkering) 42 4 3.3 0.7 Agreement
3 CAM-32 _* 77 56 21 Agreement
4 Vegetable oil 8.3 30 30 0 Agreement
Total:   441 364.3 46.7  


-* no data 

** Proforma agreement

1) Feasibility Study Agreement (with customs freight forwarding services for a resident client)

1) Feasibility Study Agreement (with customs freight forwarding services for a non-resident client)

3) Feasibility Study Agreement (without customs freight forwarding services)

Register of applications for the agreement conclusion
Rules of conduct for truck drivers

 Tariffs of IPP LLC for freight forwarding services can be downloaded at Tariffs

Application for conclusion of a Freight forwarding service agreement can be downloaded at Application


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Director General’s Reception:

Telephone: (8617) 760-110, 760-111 
Fax: (8617) 760-113 

Production and Commercial Director — Deputy Director General:

Shkorkin Dmitry Aleksandrovich   
Telephone: (8617) 760-130

Records Management Officer:

Davtyan Viktoria Albertovna
 Tel: (8617) 760-118
Fax: (8617) 760-113 

Chief Human Resources Officer:

Zhukova Daria Sergeevna
Tel: (8617) 760-120, 760-121

Hot line:

Tel: (8617) 604-209E-mail: Phone call reception time from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm daily, except weekends and holidays

Our address:

4 Magistralnaya Street, Novorossiysk, Krasnodar Region, 353900, Russia


 The Open Joint-Stock Company IPP is located in the north-western part of the city, in the industrial zone, 700 meters to the north-west of (Tsemes) Bay.
Territorially it belongs to the Eastern administrative district of Novorossiysk. It occupies an area of 10 hectares.

     The Open Joint-Stock Company IPP specializes in storage and transshipment of oil products and carbamide-ammoniac compound (UAN). The enterprise provides services of the storage and transshipment of goods from rail tank cars to ships, tank farm, quality and quantity assessment of accepted goods.

    The OJSC IPP has its own complex of operation equipment for export and import of liquid cargoes. The infrastructure for the acceptance and storage of oil products and carbamide-ammoniac compound (mineral fertilizers) includes the system of operation pipelines of the terminal connected with the berth. The operator of the hydro-technical facilities is the Novorossiysk Commercial Seaport (PJSC NCSP).

     Cargo is supplied to the terminal in rail tank cars. The own railway branch lines adjoining to the terminal can accommodate up to 100 wagons simultaneously. Rail tank cars are accepted on the unloading racks capable of handling 74 tanks at the same time, including 42 tanks with diesel fuel, 18 with carbamide-ammoniac compound (mineral fertilizers), 11 – with bunkering fuel. The unloading racks are equipped with discharging facilities and a collector providing for the uniform discharge to the tank farm.

     The capacity of the storage facilities of the enterprise provides the one-time storage of diesel fuel and mineral fertilizers up to 65,000 m³, and bunker fuel – up to 9,000 m³.

     The accredited test laboratory of the OJSC IPP controls the quality of incoming cargo, analyses the main parameters in conformity with the requirements of the state standards, issues certificates of quality for the shipped cargo.

    The cargo is accepted and shipped using automated flow meters of the terminal. The terminal equipment has an automated emergency control system (ECS).

      The shipment is carried out at two special berths of the PJSC NCSP which can accept and handle the tankers with the deadweight up to 47,000 tones and up to 210 m length overall, the vessel’s draft near berth comprising 11,5 m. The ships are loaded by standers and flexible hoses. Tankers’ loading speed is 1,100 tons per hour, the loading period of the tankers of 30,000 tons displacement is 36 hours. The pipeline system from the terminal to the berth provides for the simultaneous shipment of two tankers with diesel fuel or one tanker with diesel fuel and one tanker with carbamide-ammoniac compound.

     The existing technological schemes include cargo handling both with the accumulation of lots in the customs zone tank farm, and the use of the direct variant: vehicle – ship.