On December 30, 1968, by Order of the Rosglavvino Krasnodar Association, in accordance with Regulation of the Council of the USSR Ministers dated October 25, 1968, the Directorate of the base under construction for the wine stock acceptance was established in Novorossiysk.

On June 19, 1969, г. the Base was commissioned and became known as the Novorossiysk Base for Imported Materials of the Rosglavvino Association of the Council of the RFFSR Ministers.

On July 12, 1969, г. the first tanker with wine stock was accepted by the Base.

On April 08, 1971, г. by Order of the Rosglavvino Association, a base for export shipment of sugar molasses belonging to the sugar factory of the Dinskaya village was merged with the Novorossiysk Base for Imported Wine Stock. The base was located here, in the territory. Later, the traffic nomenclature was expanded, sunflower oil, palm stearin, mineral fertilizers, etc. appeared. The cargo tonnage of sugar molasses reached up to 500 thousand tons per year. In accordance with Order No. 223 dated 04.12.1975, the Rosglavvino Association of the Council of the RSFSR Ministers, the Novorossiysk Base for Imported Wine Stock was renamed to the Novorossiysk Production Association of the Wine Industry and Wine Stock Sales.

On September 4, 1981, г. after a number of structural transformations and name changes, by Order of the USSR Ministry of Food Industry, the Association for Wine Production and Imported Wine Stock Sales was reorganized into Novorossiysk plant Importpishcheprom. In connection with the base operation nature change, as well as the expansion of the food product range coming from imports, the USSR Council of Ministers, by its Order dated August 19, 1981, transferred the specified base to the direct subordination of the USSR Ministry of Food Industry.

90’s. A project was developed and implemented to re-profile the plant for transshipment of liquid mineral fertilizers and diesel fuel for export.

On July 30, 1997, г. by Order of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Russian Federation, Novorossiysk plant Importpishcheprom acquired the status of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Novorossiysk plant Importpishcheprom in direct subordination to the Department for Food and Processing Industry.

On February 9, 1999, г. Federal State Unitary Enterprise Importpishcheprom was transformed into Importpishcheprom Plant OJSC by Regulation of Roskomimushchestvo of Russia.

Since July 5, 2006, based on the decision of the General meeting of shareholders (minutes No. 12 dated 28.06.2006), Importpishcheprom Plant OJSC was renamed to IPP OJSC.

On February 1, 2018, based on the decision of the General meeting of shareholders (minutes no. 49-OSU dated 01.09.2017), IPP OJSC was reorganized in the form of transformation into IPP LLC